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Dine@Hyatt Office
TEL: 02 799 8899
FAX: 02 799 8880

EMAIL: selrs-dine@hyatt.com

Mon-Fri: 9am – 6pm
Except on public holidays

ADDRESS: 322 Sowol-ro,
Yongsan-gu, Seoul 04347
South Korea 04347


    Q. I have lost my card, how can I get a new one?

    A. Please contact to DINE@HYATT office to reissue a new card. The reissue fee is KRW 5,000 which also can deduct 5,000points from your account.

    Q. My card has expired, what do I do?

    A. Members who have received more than 50,000 points during the yearly membership period will get a complimentary one-year extension. When you receive the new card, please eliminate the old one.

    Q. Is this membership applicable to rooms?

    A. This membership is designed only for restaurants and bars. If you would like to register a room related membership, please call to Hyatt Gold Passport at 02.799.8213 for more information.

  • Q. What other benefits do I get besides the points?

    A. There are monthly promotions dedicated to DINE@HYATT members, which you will be informed about via SMS, email, and on our website. The promotions include double point rewards or special prices for certain events etc.

  • Q. Are my membership points transferable to others?

    A. The membership is strictly not transferable. Nevertheless, if you would like to hand over your points as a gift, please request a "Hyatt Seoul Restaurant" voucher to DINE@HYATT office by redeeming your points.

Earning Points
  • Q. Can I claim retro points before I became a member?

    A. The day you become a member is the day you start to collect points.

  • Q. Can I collect points even if I do not present my card?

    A. You can receive and redeem points only if you present your card due to systematic matters.

  • Q. Do I still receive my points when I pay a credit card that offers a discount at the Hyatt Seoul?

    A. DINE@HYATT card cannot be used in conjunction with other discount benefits.

  • Q. Do I collect points from attending or organising a banquet or other hotel events?

    A. Unless it is stated, the points will not be rewarded for attending hotel events. Banqueting is not a participating part for DINE@HYATT membership.

  • Q. Can I receive points by charging it to my room?

    A. We are sorry but please pay directly at the eligible restaurants to collect your point.

  • Q. When can I redeem the points?

    A. Your received points will be activated when you save more than 150,000 points including the joining bonus points.

  • Q. When I redeem my points, how much is one point in KRW?

    A. One point is counted as KRW1. For instance, 10,000 points will be charged as KRW10,000.

  • Q. Can I receive restaurant vouchers by redeeming my points?

    A. Yes, you can request a restaurant voucher by redeeming your points. Voucher of KRW50,000 and KRW100,000 are applicable. Kindly note that vouchers have expiration dates (6 months) and the balance are not receivable. Please call DINE@HYATT office for further assistant.

  • Q. Are my points transferred to the renewed membership card?

    A. Your remaining points will not be transferred to your new card. Your points expire on your membership expiry date that is printed on your membership card.