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Agreement on the Collection and Use of Personal Information

DINE@HYATT requires guests’ prior consent for the collection of any personal information that may be used, shared, or disclosed to third parties according to Articles 15, 17, 22, and 24 of the privacy agreement.

1. The Collection and Use of Personal Information

1) Manner and Purpose of Collection

To provide notice of new promotions and service information, and to collect service profiles of repeat visitors, DINE@HYATT collects a minimum set of personal information. DINE@HYATT does not collect sensitive personal information (e.g. race, creed, place of origin, political opinions, criminal records or health data) that could infringe on human rights.

a) List of Information Retained: personal identification information (name, gender, date of birth), personal contact information (mobile number and e-mail address)

b) Purpose of Use: processing DINE@HYATT membership, developing new services, ensuring the delivery of appropriate hotel services, resolving complaints, and providing promotion and event information

2) Retention of Information

DINE@HYATT retains and uses personal information until the purpose of use has expired or the membership is cancelled. After the term of use has expired, or the membership is cancelled or terminated, DINE@HYATT immediately destroys all stored personal information for the member or guest. DINE@HYATT membership information will be deleted 6 months after membership cacellation. However, DINE@HYATT may keep the personal information for a certain period of time in accordance with commercial law and company rules and regulations, as follows:

a) Records of contract and terminated contract: three years

b) Records of billing and finance: three years

c) Records of guests’ complaints and resolutions: three years

d) Records of identification for repeat visitor service: three years

3) Claims for Access, Correction and Deletion

You may request to view, revise or delete your own personal information on record, and may choose to agree or disagree to the provision of personal information at any time. DINE@HYATT shall take immediate action when receiving such requests if you do not agree to said terms.

4) Rights to Denial of Agreement and Disadvantages of Denial

You have the right to refuse to agree to the collection and use of the information listed above. However, DINE@HYATT membership will not be granted.

2. Sharing and Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

DINE@HYATT forwards personal information on consignment as per below, following specific points to protect said information.

Forwarding agency

Forwarded work details

Personal information retention period


DINE@HYATT website maintenance

DINE@HYATT e-mail ASP service

Until membership expiry or

cancellation suspension


DINE@HYATT membership maintenance and telemarketing

DINE@HYATT will not use personal information beyond the parameters stated above. DINE@HYATT will not disclose your personal information to third parties without members’ prior consent, with the following exceptions:

a) When necessary to calculate the total charges in providing the services rendered

b) When there is an overriding government regulation or law

c) When providing information in a format that does not identify proprietary individual data, such as general statistics, marketing trends, etc.

3. Responsibility of Personal Information Protection

DINE@HYATT limits the number of employees handling customers’ personal information and emphasises the importance of adhering to this policy to all employees through continual training and immediate corrective action on any relevant problems regarding this matter.

4. Personal Privacy Management Department Contact

Grand Hyatt Seoul DINE@HYATT manager Daniela Jang T. 02.799.8824 selrs-dine@hyatt.com


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