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Dine@Hyatt Office
TEL: 02 799 8899
FAX: 02 799 8880

EMAIL: selrs-dine@hyatt.com

Mon-Fri: 9am – 6pm
Except on public holidays

ADDRESS: 322 Sowol-ro,
Yongsan-gu, Seoul 04347
South Korea 04347

Terms And Conditions
1. The validity of membership is one year and depending on the amount spent, you may receive a one-year complimentary extension.
2. Membership is designed only for individuals. Although there is no company account for DINE@HYATT membership, members can still receive points when the bill is paid with a company credit card.
3. Membership is applicable for food and beverages only and you are ineligible to receive any discounts or benefits on other hotel facilities or rooms.
4. DINE@HYATT reserves the right to amend terms and conditions, and any changes that have been made will be announced through the web page (dineathyatt.com) and SMS services 30 days in advance.
5. Members cannot claim for not being able to receive any benefits due to changes in their contact information that are not reported to the DINE@HYATT office.
6. The membership tier is provided based on a members' total spend and DINE@HYATT has right to assign a new tier every 12 months.
7. DINE@HYATT reserves the right to accept or decline a membership application for any new members.
8. DINE@HYATT membership cannot be sold.
9. The points are neither refundable nor transferable to cash.



1. As a member you will earn 10% of the food and beverage bill as a points reward for every spend.
2. There will be an evaluation for collecting point on your account if the payment has been made by third party.
3. Only the member is eligible to receive the full benefits and retroactive claims are inapplicable.
4. In order to prevent abuse and misuse of the membership, the restaurants may ask for an identity card.
5. DINE@HYATT points can be received only when the payment is made using cash, credit cards or authorised gift vouchers (except DINE@HYATT food and beverage vouchers and vouchers provided from credit card companies ).

1. After you add 50,000 additional points to your account, the total points may be used either partially or fully as a payment method in any participating outlet. *1 point = KRW1. Every point is eligible for use.
2. Points can be transferred to a KRW50,000 or KRW100,000 food and beverage voucher upon a member's request through the DINE@HYATT office on weekdays between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm, except public holidays. No money or credit will be given if the total bill comes to less than the voucher and it must be used by the expiration date.

1. Points earned are valid for one year from the date of joining/renewal. When your DINE@HYATT membership expires, so do the points you have accumulated, regardless of your potential one-year complimentary extension. Any points that go unredeemed for one year from the date of joining or renewal will expire. *Please log in to check your points on the website or e-mail us.

1. DINE@HYATT is an annual membership and we will complimentarily extend your membership another year if you have earned more than 50,000 points during your membership period. You will receive a new card every year if you are qualified to receive an extension and the new card could be either sent to your address by registered mail or you can simply collect it at your appointed restaurant at your convenience.
2. If a membership does not qualify for an extension, any accumulated points expire. You may re-register the membership to receive all the membership benefits. *The 10,000 points reward for rejoining will be given on top of the joining fee.

1. The loss of a membership card must be reported to the DINE@HYATT office and the card reissue fee is KRW5,000 or 5,000 points.
2. Cancellation of the membership will only be accepted within one month of joining and only if a member has no record of point redemption.
3. Only the membership joining fee will be refunded.
4. When you receive a new card, please discard your previous card. The old card does not hold any points after the new card is issued.